golf cages & netting
Indoor Golf Practice Netting
Golf Practice Netting
Outdoor Practice NettingImpact panels (or "baffles") are rectangular panels of netting designed to take the abuse of direct golf ball impact from close range. They provide a quick and easy way to practice your swing without worrying about launching your favorite ball through somebody's skylight or into the street.

Forenet uses panels with a lead-weighted rope sewn into the bottom to keep the panel from "jumping" up on impact. Panels with a rope border sewn around the perimeter are often furnished with a length of the lead-weighted rope to weave in and out of the meshes at the bottom. Not all impact panels are created equal. At Forenet, we take pride installing impact panels of the highest quality materials and at the best price.

Custom Golf Cages

Custom Golf CageDesigning a custom netting application requires an in-depth knowledge of various materials, installation practices and spatial limitations. We use AutoCAD, shop drawings, and spec sheets to design a custom solution around your personal needs.

We can combine stock and custom netting with materials such as vinyl and canvas to build a stock or oversized golf cage.

We can work with color schemes and modify stock cages to meet space and budget requirements.