COURSE Installation
Golf Course and Driving Range Netting Installation
Golf Course Netting Installation
With Forenet, you can be confident that your golf netting will be as functional and durable as it is pleasing to the eye. Years of experience have taught us fast and effective techniques and we've learned how to conserve materials in your golf course netting installation to guarantee cost effectiveness. We use a high strength UV treated custom manufactured polyester netting. Poles are always set to withstand the anticipated load demands specified by the client.

The netting is custom fabricated for each job with 3,500 lb. rope. Ninety-five percent of our netting systems are rope bordered with horizontal windlines sewn in every 25 feet, and attached to a horizontal wire to help maintain the weight of the net and withstand wind resistance. Our nets are manufactured according to the measurements after the poles are set, rather than being preordered prior to the poles being set. This custom fitting allows the net to always fit tightly and eliminate any sagging or billowing.

We have equipment available for any height, terrain and soil conditions. Our design criteria include weather and wind conditions based on geographic location. We use our own crew and are fully insured and bonded. Installations range from 10' - 150' high.
Golf Netting with Protective Base Boards
Professional Golf Driving Range Installation Our custom base-board system is installed using a 5/16 wire inserted along the base of the poles, which is attached to the boards using 2" staples every 3 feet with 2' stakes added every 10'. Base boards are cleated to each other to form one continuous barrier along the base of the netting. By reinforcing the bottom of the netting with pressure-treated wood base boards, the netting becomes further resistant to damage from weed whackers, lawn mowers and ball pickers.
Golf Range Removal or Relocation
Safety Netting and Driving Range Relocation and Removal Need a netting range removed or relocated? Forenet will dismantle all netting, anchors, cables, poles and remove everything you don't want or relocate and install it at a new facility.

Properly installed Golf Driving Range Netting