Pole Installation
Golf Course  Wood and Steel Pole
Steel Pole Installation
When a customer's project requires steel poles, we use only the best from Coastal Poles, the most reputable manufacturer in the business. Coastal poles are available in different diameters (depending on the height of the project) and come with a baked-on Stryk coating, the same coating used on the Alaska pipeline. Stryk coating means that your poles will be impervious to rust, corrosion and fungus, and Stryk has enough elasticity to not crack or flake when poles sway in a high wind.

Each steel pole is in constant diameter from the embedment bottom to the pole top which helps ensure the life of the netting. Steel poles can extend up to 150' and can also be engineered for an extension in height without a business interruption. Steel pole netting systems are designed for minimal amount of cables and meet the Building Wind Code from 90mph up to 150mph.

Wood Pole Installation
For our wood pole installations, we only use Southern Yellow Pine Penta or CCA pressure-treated poles. Wood pole heights range from 10'-100' and can also be extended at a later date with minimal business interruption.

Pole installation for golf driving ranges, sports feilds and more.
Pole Installation Truck- Experienced Pole Installers
Netting and Poles are only as strong as the way they are installed.