Golf Netting Systems

With the increased proximity of housing developments around golf courses, the need for protective barrier netting continues to escalate. Specialized golf netting containment requires a company who can do more than just put up a fence. Forenet has 4 decades of experience designing and installing golf netting systems for public and private driving ranges and golf courses throughout the United States. We can design and install a netting system tailored to your facility’s specific needs, quickly and with the right equipment to minimize damage to the field.

Depending on the course location and preference, driving range netting is installed for maximum ball containment and property protection with either wood or steel poles. We can help determine the best placement of a netting system, based on geographic location, ball trajectory and surface layout. Protective netting panels are custom-made to each job's specific height, length and configuration. This custom fitting allows the netting panels to fit tightly and minimize sagging or billowing. Netting and poles can be designed to blend into the surrounding landscape. Installations range from 10' - 150' high.

Feature Products

Netting Enclosures

Netting enclosures are used for a variety of purposes such as golf practice areas, baseball practice, and drone flight training. We can design and build your customized netting enclosure for outdoor or indoor use, giving you the ability to easily set up, retract, or store your system whenever needed.

Protective Baseboards

Our innovative baseboard system is an option used to protect and reinforce the bottom of the netting panels with pressure-treated boards, to help resist damage from weed whackers, lawn mowers, ball pickers and animals. The baseboards are cleated to each other to form one continuous barrier along the base of the netting.

Retractable Netting Systems

We install 2 kinds of retractable netting systems:

  • Retractable Curtain System

    This system is used to close the netting at the end of the season to protect it during the winter. The netting panels are installed so they can slide (like a curtain) to the pole on either side, then secured to the top, middle and bottom of the pole. Forenet can provide this service at the beginning and end of the season.


    • Forenet does the work based around your schedule
    • Nets are better protected and last longer
    • Repairs can be made while on site, if needed
  • Winch and Pulley System

    This system makes it possible to raise and lower the netting from the ground without lifts or ladders. The nets can be retracted any time, such as the beginning or end of the season, or prior to an approaching storm.


    • Easier maintenance
    • Preventative storm protection
    • Controlled by your facility